Veronica Lopez, a California-born artist of Mexican and Salvadoran descent, brings over 15 years of strategic thinking and creative prowess to the realm of art and design. With a rich background encompassing customer service, branding, advertising, and marketing, Veronica's professional journey spans from visualization and production to art direction and editorial design. Her keen organizational skills ensure seamless multitasking and impeccable attention to detail.

In 2013, Veronica embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, founding Pet Pigeons jewelry brand as a tribute to the beloved urban birds she adored. Despite a hiatus in 2016, Veronica's creative spirit soared to new heights in 2017 when she embarked on a transformative solo journey across South America. Guided by the call of the dream realm and a mission to awaken Cosmic Consciousness, Veronica's travels took her on a profound odyssey of self-discovery.

However, her journey took a harrowing turn in late 2017 when Veronica found herself ensnared in a web of persecution and captivity in Argentina. Despite facing unimaginable challenges, Veronica's resilience prevailed, leading to a miraculous eventual return to the United States with the help of her primary family and supporters from around the globe.

Undeterred by adversity, Veronica continued her artistic pursuits, spending years traversing the streets and mountain towns of the West Coast and Southwestern section of the United States. In 2018, she embarked on Project 3040, a visionary collection of Pen & Ink drawings that transcend conventional artistry, tapping into higher-dimensional memory and soul elevation.

Today, Veronica's focus on art and design serves as a form of meditation, offering clients bold statement jewelry and mind bending artworks that captivate the senses and expand consciousness. Explore Veronica Lopez's online store today and experience the transformative power of her creations.


2020 Vegas Occult Art Collective, American Magicians, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

2020 Murze Magazine, Double Vision, London, England, Great Britain.


2023 Flame-O-Rama Gallery, Chimera Exhibition, April/May, San Francisco, CA., USA.

2018 Beyond The Lines Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA.


2023 Castro SF Art Mart, Eggstravaganza, San Francisco, California, USA.

2022 Valencia Art Corridor, San Francisco, California, USA.

2022 Castro SF Art Mart, San Francisco, California, USA.

2021 Eva Mattel: Artist of the Month, Los Angeles, California, USA.

2019 Far Out Factory, Denver, Colorado, USA. 

2018 Northern Nights Festival, Piercy, California, USA.

2018 Sips N Sews Pop Up Show, San Francisco, California, USA.

2018 Desert Hearts Festival, San Diego, California, USA.

2018 Cosmic Consciousness Gathering, Los Angeles, California, USA.

2018 North Hollywood ArtWalk, Los Angeles, California, USA.

2018 East LA ArtWalk, Los Angeles, California, USA. 



2017 Earth Dance Festival, Calamuchita Valley, Cordoba, Argentina, South America.

2017 Sanacion Galactica Collective, El Bolson, Rio Negro Province, Argentina, S.A.

2017 Maputinkuy Gathering, Palquin, Araucania Region, Chile, South America.

2017 Nomade Festival, Manquemapu, Puranque Commune, Los Lagos, Chile, S.A.

2017 La Nave Collective, Pucon, Araucania Region, Chile, South America.




2017 Tina Arandjelovic, Acid Raiiin, Baby Got The Blues, 10.1K IG Followers, Fashion Stylist, Los Angeles, California, USA.

2016 John Novotny, Symbiosis Collection, 6.5K IG Followers, Fashion Photographer, New York City, New York, USA.

2016 Amanda Guan, Mommy Nannan, Untitled Collection, 95.9K IG Followers, Fashion Stylist, San Francisco, Ca, USA.

2016 Nuria, Untitled Collection, 408K Blog Subscribers, Fashion Blogger, London, England, UK. 

2016 Talia Weldon, Talia's Touch, Untitled Collection, 5.3K IG Followers, Fashion Stylist, Houston, Texas, USA.

2016 Pia Toscano, Untitled Collection, 169K IG Followers, American Singer, Los Angeles, California, USA.

2015 Amber, BadBams, Style Essentials, 100K, IG Fashion Stylist, San Francisco, California, USA.

2015 Olivia, The Metal Romantic, Metallica Monday, 26.3K IG Followers, Fashion Blogger, Los Angeles, California, USA.

2015 Natasha Wilson, Untitled Collection, 92.2K IG Followers, Fashion Photographer, Los Angeles, California, USA.

2015 Natasha Wilson, Espiritus Collection, 92.2K IG Followers, Fashion Photographer, Los Angeles, California, USA.

2015 Sara Arigato, Enzo Choker, 35.1K IG Followers, Fashion & Travel Blogger, London, England, GB.

2015 Natalie Kisel, Citta-Samtana Choker, 428K IG Followers, Fashion Blogger, Ukraine, Russia.

2015 Katia Nikolajew, Bewolf Fashion, 128K IG Followers, Fashion Blogger, Montreal, Canada. 

2014 Natalie Kisel, Union Choker, 1.4M YT Subscribers, YouTube Blogger, Ukraine, Russia.

2014 Tina Arandjelovic, Acid Raiiin, Coal N Terry, 10.1K IG Followers, Fashion Stylist, Los Angeles, California, USA.

2014 Brianna Renee, Gold Dust Gypsy, What I'm Wearing, 10K IG Followers, Fashion Blogger , San Diego, California, USA.


2015 to Present, Not Just A Label, London, England, United Kingdom.

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