Welcome to Veronica Lopez's captivating artwork collection, Project 3040… 

Delve into a mesmerizing exploration of the metagalaxy's universal center from an aerial perspective. Through intricate pen and ink drawings, Veronica reconstructs attention span, memory loss, and perceived patterns, aiming to unlock supernatural abilities. Her work transcends traditional boundaries, delving into neurological expansion and higher-dimensional inner space. Each piece offers a unique perspective on motor and cognitive brain functioning, as well as social interaction dynamics. 

Experience futuristic ancestral languages, architectures, and landscapes populated by otherworldly beings, all rendered with meticulous detail. Veronica's art invites viewers to contemplate the multidimensional eye behind the eyelids, with pixel frames brimming with lines, swirls, shapes, and dots. Through existential analytical psychotherapy, she explores themes of self-integration and timeless tales of gods from space, weaving together a narrative that transcends time and space.

The essence of the Project 3040 artwork collection is captured in a few simple yet profound words or phrases, embodied through illustrations that resonate deeply. These creations are the result of a collaborative effort where the Universe within you finds expression on paper through the flowing movements of a pen. “Guided by a collective mind, body, and soul frequency, each stroke drawn through my right hand channels the energy of our interconnectedness.” Experience the convergence of cosmic inspiration and human creativity as you explore these captivating artworks, where the boundaries between inner and outer worlds blur into a harmonious symphony of visual delight.

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